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December 10th, 2017

Holiday Fight Gathering: Choose your Weapon

In the spirit of the Holidays, all NYCSS current and past students will come together to mix, mingle and fight! Bring your friends and loved ones to the second half where we’ll enjoy some snacks and hang out.

At 2:30pm, the floor will be open to work on whatever you want. There will be a variety of items available to train in so you can Choose your Weapon to work with.

At 3:30pm we’ll have the Choose your Random Weapon Game! Two names will be drawn from a hat to determine who is fighting whom. Once a pair is determined, they will choose a weapon from a hat. Jared will choreograph a short fight for you to work up and perform. You may see Longsword vs. Gun, Smallsword vs. Unarmed, who knows!

This special gathering will be $25 for participating students in the first 2 hours.

From 4:30-6:30pm, your friends and loved ones can join us for free (please RSVP to by Nov. 30th). You’ll have the opportunity to perform your Random Weapon fight if you’d like and the audience can vote on the best one. Then we will hang out, nibble on snacks and the floor will be open for students to train further if they like.

WHERE: Ripley-Grier on 939 8th Ave (btw 55th & 56th) in Room # 3A
WHEN: 2:30-6:30pm

Registration before December 1st: $25.00:

Registration after December 1st will be allowed if room permits.

Blue Sky Studio European Swordsmanship Workshop

This workshop will begin with a presentation of historical European swords through the ages. A variety of swords will be brought in and participants will be able to handle them all. After the short history, we will train in the knightly art of longsword.

This weapon was used in Europe for hundreds of years to fight wars, duels and in personal combat. Jared will show the difference between historical usage and the romantic expressions commonly seen in film/tv in order to give the participants a better understanding of how to depict swordplay.

The simple cruciform hilted sword can be used with one or two hands. This workshop will focus on the fundamental aspects of Longsword combat to understand how the posture and positioning of the primary guards facilitate the offense (through cutting and thrusting) and defense (through countercuts and parries). This interactive workshop will have plenty of time for question and answer throughout the training time.


Combat for Stage and Screen Boot Camp: Bone & Steel

Whether on stage or in front of the camera, performing combat is a vital skill for an actor. This is why New York Combat for Stage and Screen invites you to hit the ground running with our Combat Performance Boot Camp!

You will have the choice of training in Unarmed (best for those new to Stage & Screen Combat) or Sabre.

Participants for Unarmed will learn fundamental skills such as:

  • Punches
  • Kicks
  • Elbow
  • Blocks/Parries
  • Falls
  • Hair Pulls
  • Chokes
  • Ultimately these skills will be applied in a choreographed fight

Participants for Sabre will learn fundamentals such as:

  • Mollinelli
  • Footwork
  • Cuts
  • Thrusts
  • Parries
  • Ultimately these skills will be applied in a choreographed fight

Participants will work with NYCSS instructor Tony Mita on the basics of combat for stage and screen as well as the performance skills necessary to bring character and life into your fights.

This eight week intensive will run Tuesday nights From January 9th to Febuary 27th from 7-10pm in NYC.

Deadline: Participants registered by December 20th is $295. Participants registered after December 20th is $395.

Registration by December 20th:  

Registration after December 20th:  

Roses are Blind Short Film

Fight Coordinating the short film Roses are Blind

About: Unexpectedly discovering a family secret, Roses are Blind is based on the true-life story of a young woman immersed in the nightmare of a psychiatric misdiagnosis and her journey toward freedom.

Written By: Wendy White
Directed By:  Gui Agustini

Starring: Daniel Davis, Boyd Gaines, Kathleen McNenny and Christina Jolie Breza

All details on IMDb.