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February 21st, 2016

Stage & Screen Fighting: Basic or Advanced
This seminar will be the perfect introduction for Fighting for Film or Stage as well as an opportunity for past students to work on Advanced Choreography for a live performance and for film.

Basic: This introduction will cover the fundamental unarmed techniques you will most commonly be called on to perform including punches, slaps, hair pulls, chokes, falls and kicks.

Advanced: If you have trained with me in the past then enroll for the Advanced Choreo session instead. You will be given an advanced sequence of choreography to work up to speed. In the first half you will be expected to perform it at speed for stage and in the second half you will work the common camera angles with minimal rehearsal time to reset for each angle. Please be ready for a high paced experience with high expectations!

Payments after January 31st:

WHERE: Battery Dance Company, 380 Broadway (2 blocks south of Canal), NYC unless otherwise noted.
TIME: 12pm-4pm.


March 3rd – March 20th, 2016

I am the Fight Director for Hudson Warehouse’s production of Complete Works of Wm, Shakespeare (abridged).

Shake off the winter doldrums with the funniest 97 minutes onstage: all of Shakespeare’s 37 plays, done with just 3 actors!

Tickets are $15, $12 for seniors and students. Tix can be purchased by calling 212-799-9400 or RSVP at


June 27th – July 2nd, 2016

Art of Combat Fight Directing and Combat for Stage & Screen Intensive in New York City.

Participants from all over the US and abroad will come together in New York City to train for one intensive week with the Art of Combat company in the skills needed to create extraordinary fights for stage and screen.  Classes (taught by Jared Kirby, John Lennox and Kyle Rowling) will include stage combat, historical fencing, acting the fight, finding your angles and much more. The workshop will culminate in a show that will be performed in New York City.

This workshop is an immersion into the AoC company which has been actively transferring historical combat styles to stage and film for over a decade. Members are trained in historical combat styles and learn how to make them safe and replicable for stage and screen. Our training and expertise has enhanced theatre, film and TV with authentic and realistic combat sequences all around the world.

The week is structured so that you will get the most out of it.  You can register at one of three levels, based on your skill level and what you want to learn: “Combatant”, “On Track” or “Fight Director”.

Great review of the 2012 AoC NYC Intensive by Rachel Strayer who participated in the workshop.

Check out our great Promo video for 2014!

combatcon2016_5 copy

July 7th – 10th, 2016

Teaching at CombatCon: Where History and Fantasy Meet! in Las Vegas, NV.

CombatCon is many things, but first and foremost, it’s a good time.  The goal is to provide a fun, entertaining, and educational venue for folks who like Western Martial Arts/Historical European Martial Arts in any form, be it practicing them, reading about them in their favorite books, watching them in their favorite shows and movies, seeing them in their favorite comic books, using them in their favorite games, or incorporating them into their favorite costumes and characters.

To that end, CombatCon is a combination of a martial arts convention and a fan convention.  We have something for everyone, from taking part in martial arts classes, to interacting with famous people and super knowledgeable folks in panels, to watching movies, to playing games, to dancing the night away at our ball.  Bring your costumes if you’d like, but don’t feel compelled to dress up if you don’t want to.  Really, CombatCon is just an excuse to get together with friends and fun people, learn some stuff, talk about some stuff, and have a really good time.


January 20th – April 27th, 2016

Fight Showcase 2016

Special 3 1/2 Month Class Session

This session will focus on training in Performing Violence for the Stage and culminates in performing a fight for a live audience. You will be cast and scenes will be choreographed, rehearsed and ultimately performed in a NYC show in April!

This session will be divided into two groups:
-New students
-Past & Current students

New students will focus on Unarmed Combat before working on an unarmed fight scene.

Past & Current Students will brush up their unarmed skills before moving into knife training. From the Knife training you will use both unarmed and knife in your scene.

Once each person is cast in a fight scene, we will work on building choreography, effectively conveying the story and getting it to performance level. At the end of the three months we will perform a NYC show with the collection of fight scenes you have worked on in class.

Start thinking about scenes you would like to tackle so we can pick one that will be best suited for this experience. I already have some fun ideas in mind.

WHERE: 29 Jay St. Brooklyn NY 11201 in the Gelsey Kirkland Ballet building.
WHEN: Wednesday nights from Jan 20th – April 27th, most weeks. Class is from 6-7pm.
COST: $400 if registered by January 10th! ($475 after the deadline).

To register make your payment here:

Performance Dates:

April TBD: SUNY Purchase DTL (NYC performers optional)
April TBD: in NYC


January 3rd – 10th, 2016

Art of Combat & the Sydney Stage Combat School present the Australian Intensive in Sydney. 2014 was a huge success: here are videos and pictures in the meantime!

Whether you are an actor, a martial artist, or just someone with a love of action and swordplay, The AoC Intensive Performance Workshop has something to offer everyone. With over 70 hours of tuition, and culminating in a performance showcase, this workshop is one of the most unique, challenging and rewarding workshops in the world. The workshop will culminate in a show that will be performed in Sydney, Australia.


November 8th, 2015

Broom vs Crutch | Tripod & Hanger | Aussie Flag vs Belt | Pool Noodle vs. Bathrobe

Anything is a Weapon!

Many moments of violence for stage and screen have no “weapons.” That said, a book, a towel, a broom or a pillow cushion can be used in a violent manner which will enhance the story being told. Knowing how to do this well can greatly enhance the realism in a scene (or sometimes the hilarity!).

This course will start with fundamental training for Stage & Screen Combat. After understanding the key elements of safety, distance and angles participants will work a little knife to practice cutting and thrusting before moving into how to make anything into a weapon. After learning a few rules, we will choreograph short scenes and explore all the fun, exciting and unique ways that something like a banana can defend against a remote control!

WHERE: Ripley Grier Studio (520 8th Ave) Room 10A Noon-2pm, Room 16A 2-pm.
TIME: 12pm-4pm
COST: $75 (late registration $100).

Payments after October 31st:


Payment can also be made through PayPal to


October 11th, 2015

Tactical Training for Actors
Take a hands-on tactical training course specifically designed for actors, stunt performers, and writers taught by veteran Law Enforcement trainer, Kevin McMahon. Kevin has spent over 20 years training Bergen County Sheriff’s Officers and will give you the fundamental skills and confidence to accurately and realistically portray a character who is required to handle a firearm.

There will be two seminars offered this day.
Level 1: 12pm-4pm

Level 1 Seminar includes:
Weapon Nomenclature
Gun Handling and Drawing
Individual Movement & Positioning
Team Movement & Positioning
Door Breaches

Level 2: 4:30pm-8pm

Level 2 Seminar includes:
Room Clearing
Hallway Movements
Gun Disarms
“Set-iquette” for firearms

Participants will practice working with guns during reality based training scenarios in a controlled environment. The Level 2 seminar will end with training scenarios where you’ll be divided into Officers and Criminals and have to clear a room of bad guys!
To participate in Level 2 you must take (or have taken) Level 1.

WHERE: Battery Dance Company, 380 Broadway (2 blocks south of Canal).
TIME: Level 1: 12pm-4pm / Level 2: 4:30pm-8pm
COST: $75 (late registration $100).

Payments after September 30th:
Level 1: $100.00

Level 2: $100.00
Both Levels: $175.00

Payment can also be made through PayPal to