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July 1st & 2nd, 2016


A Showcase of Fight Scenes
Presented by
Art of Combat & Gruntled Productions

Friday & Saturday, July 1st & 2nd, 2016
at the Access Theater 380 Broadway, NYC

Suggested Donations are $5 for students and seniors and $10 for regular admission.

This presentation is the culmination of a week long intensive workshop which furthers participants’ training by taking their hard work to the next level: performance.


Masterclasses with Kyle Rowling

Kyle Rowling is an Australian Fight Director, actor, director, and martial artist who has trained actors and choreographed and performed fights on screen for films such as; Star Wars Episodes II & III, Wanted, Troy, Invincibles, Gabriel and the TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Most recently Rowling was the Assistant Stunt Coordinator on Davinci’s Demons.

This is a rare opportunity to work with Kyle during his brief tour of the U.S.


Films are very expensive, time is money, and directors hate having to tell anyone, especially extra or stand-ins, the same thing twice. Just to give you a little insight into the cost of Hollywood; ‘Star Wars Episode III’ cost $30,000USD per minute to make. That’s right, per minute. How many times do you think George Lucas wants to ask you to stay in shot before he finds someone that can.

Through three simple steps, Kyle Rowling’s unique film fighting process will help you understand how the camera sees the world, and what you can do to make sure it sees the best of you every time. Sword fights are easier to capture on film because there is generally more movement, they are larger and more epic, for that reason this New York workshop will focus on getting the most out of your Unarmed skills on camera.

Over the course of this workshop you will learn Kyle’s unique set of techniques including:
– Striking and blocking techniques
– Grappling
– Camera awareness
– Set-tiquette &
– Realistic reactions

WHEN: July 3rd, 2016
WHERE: the Access Theatre (380 Broadway, NYC)
TIME: 12pm-4pm.
COST: General admission: $165.00; AoC Members: $95.00; Past participants: $120.00

To register make the appropriate payment below:
General – $165.00:

AoC Member – $95.00:
Past Participant – $120.00:


Kyle will teach a series of Jedi Light Sabre spins and twirls and a short, complicated sequence which covers all of the Jedi moves while explaining the rules involved in Jedi fighting. This rarely taught master class lets you learn it the same way Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen learned it!

WHEN: July 3rd, 2016
WHERE: the Access Theatre (380 Broadway, NYC)
TIME: 5:30-8pm.
COST: General admission: $150.00; AoC Members: $85.00

To register make the appropriate payment below:
General – $150.00:

AoC Member – $85.00:

Want to take both seminars? Click below:

General Both – $315.00:

AoC Both – $180.00:

Payment can also be made through PayPal to

combatcon2016_5 copy

July 7th – 10th, 2016

Teaching at CombatCon: Where History and Fantasy Meet! in Las Vegas, NV.

CombatCon is many things, but first and foremost, it’s a good time.  The goal is to provide a fun, entertaining, and educational venue for folks who like Western Martial Arts/Historical European Martial Arts in any form, be it practicing them, reading about them in their favorite books, watching them in their favorite shows and movies, seeing them in their favorite comic books, using them in their favorite games, or incorporating them into their favorite costumes and characters.

To that end, CombatCon is a combination of a martial arts convention and a fan convention.  We have something for everyone, from taking part in martial arts classes, to interacting with famous people and super knowledgeable folks in panels, to watching movies, to playing games, to dancing the night away at our ball.  Bring your costumes if you’d like, but don’t feel compelled to dress up if you don’t want to.  Really, CombatCon is just an excuse to get together with friends and fun people, learn some stuff, talk about some stuff, and have a really good time.