Second Sunday Seminars Series

This series is designed to provide intensive four-hour training sessions for Stage & Screen Combat. The subject matter will vary from month to month. Sometimes we will train in the use of specific weapons. Other times the sessions will cover acting-based topics as they specifically relate to violence on stage or screen.

A minimum number of participants is required to make certain the seminar happens so make sure to sign up early.  You must register by the end of the preceding month for the discounted price.

WHERE: Battery Dance Company, 380 Broadway (2 blocks south of Canal), NYC unless otherwise noted.
TIME: 11am-3pm.
COST: $75 (late registration $100).


April 19th:
Tactical Training for Actors
Take a hands-on tactical training course specifically designed for actors, stunt performers, and writers taught by veteran Law Enforcement trainer, Kevin McMahon. Kevin has spent over 20 years training Bergen County Sheriff’s Officers and will give you the fundamental skills and confidence to accurately and realistically portray a character who is required to handle a firearm.

Seminar includes:
Weapon Nomenclature
Gun Handing and Drawing
Individual Movement & Positioning
Team Movement & Positioning
Room Clearing
Hallway Movements
Door Breaches
Gun Disarms

Participants will practice working with guns during reality based training scenarios in a controlled environment. This seminar will end with training scenarios where you’ll be divided into Officers and Criminals and have to clear a room of bad guys!

Time allowing, standard “set-iquette” for firearms will be discussed including Safety and Etiquette/Protocols for Film

To register make your payment by March 31st $75.00:

Payment can also be made through PayPal to jared@jaredkirby.com

May 3rd:
Cut or Thrust?

For hundreds of years the rapier and small-sword wielding gentleman would have to be prepared for anything. Many treatises picture the use of the rapier or small-sword again sabre, polearms, and a variety of weapons.
This seminar will focus on the differences between the Rapier (or Small-sword if you prefer) and the Sabre. After working on each system for little while, you will pick one and we’ll choreograph the cutting weapon vs. the thrusting one.

To register make your payment by April 30th $75.00:

Payment can also be made through PayPal to jared@jaredkirby.com

June 14th:

No July Seminar