Second Sunday Seminars Series

This series is designed to provide intensive four-hour training sessions for Stage & Screen Combat. The subject matter will vary from month to month. Sometimes we will train in the use of specific weapons. Other times the sessions will cover acting-based topics as they specifically relate to violence on stage or screen.

A minimum number of participants is required to make certain the seminar happens so make sure to sign up early.  You must register by the end of the preceding month.

WHERE: Ripley Grier, 520 8th Ave (btw 36th/37th St), NYC unless otherwise noted.
TIME: 11am-3pm.
COST: $75 (late registration $100).


October 12th:
Flexibility in Film Fighting
“What do you mean the Knife Fight is now a Sword Fight?”  Rarely when you walk on set will you be performing what you have rehearsed for the last 2 months (or more realistically the last 2 hours).  Not only do you need to be flexible in changing the choreo immediately but sometime even the weapons you are using.  In this class we will learn a complex knife fight and rehearse it up to speed.  Once we have that locked in the instructors will show you how to turn that into a Sword fight instead.

To register make your payment by September 30th: $75.00:


November 2nd (had to be first Sunday):
Found Weapons Made Easy
The class will focus on the basic martial theory of cuts, thrusts and defenses with a weapon. By understanding the fundamental principles behind these actions you will learn how the same principles apply to a variety of found weapons (i.e. a pen, rolled up newspaper, keys, etc). Participants will then choreograph and rehearse short scenes so make sure to bring a few items that you would like to fight with!

December 14th:
The quarter-staff has been a common weapon for self defense. While often associated with the lower classes, knights and men-at-arms were expected to be proficient in its use. This versatile weapon allows for combat in various ranges and delivers powerful blows and thrusts.  The class will focus on the fundamental footwork, strikes and parries from various distances for one of the most universal weapons. In the words of a 16th century gentleman the “staff is most commonly the best weapon of all other!”