Second Sunday Seminars Series

This series is designed to provide intensive four-hour training sessions for Stage & Screen Combat. The subject matter will vary from month to month. Sometimes we will train in the use of specific weapons. Other times the sessions will cover acting-based topics as they specifically relate to violence on stage or screen.

A minimum number of participants is required to make certain the seminar happens so make sure to sign up early.  You must register by the end of the preceding month for the discounted price.

WHERE: will vary but typically at:
-Battery Dance Company, 380 Broadway (2 blocks south of Canal), NYC
TIME: 4 hour blocks (around 12pm-4pm).
COST: Typically $75 (late registration $100) but special seminars will have varying cost.


September 10th

Cops & Robbers

Police dramas and Action films are very popular right now so learn more about performing standard parts for these from a Professional. This seminar is specifically designed for actors, stunt performers, and writers. It is taught by veteran Law Enforcement trainer, Kevin McMahon. Kevin has spent over 20 years training Bergen County Sheriff’s Officers and will give you the fundamental skills and confidence to accurately and realistically portray standard characters.

This course will cover both sides of the coin. We will start by looking at actable choices in Police Tactics & Training so that you can play a more realistic police officer.

This will include:
Standard postures and why.
Cuffing techniques: on the wall, car, or ground.
Frisking a suspect correctly.

Additionally you may be the “bad guy” in a show, so we will look at real police stories of stereotypical bad guys. You will learn standard behaviors of a:
drug addict
drug dealer
street hood

Participants will then work on Improv scenes based on what they have learned and get feedback from the Professional!

Come prepared with questions and a notebook.

If registered before September 1st: $75.00:

If registered after  September 1st: $100.00:

October 15th

Fighting for Musical Theatre & Opera

November 5th

Killing, Death & Consequences

Contrary to what we see in many films these days, to take another’s life always has a cost and consequences. This acting focused seminar will look at the physical, psychological and emotional responses to killing and dying. This is an uncomfortable subject, but it is imperative to acting violence well. As Rocco Dal Vera said in “The Voice in Violence:” Just as real warriors perform an essential though anguishing service for society, actors also serve as courageous soldiers of the psyche. When we dig deep into the dark underbelly of the human ego and express our shadow selves truthfully in performance, we are helping the audience process that side of their natures, too. Society needs its stories in order to understand itself, and since drama is centered around conflict, violence lies at the heart of many great plays. Human beings kill. We make war. We rape, pillage, torture, and terrify. We can be brutal and animalistic. We even have the capacity to take joy in and revel in these horrors.

December 10th (Tentative Date)


Remember, if there is specific training you are looking for please let me know and we may be able to arrange a Sunday Seminar on it!

Past Seminars Include:

Tactical Training for Actors
Stage & Screen Fighting
Flexibility in Film Fighting
Found Weapons Made Easy
Acting the Fight
Italian Rapier for Stage & Screen
Bond or Bowie?
Swashbuckling Sword Feats
Killing, Death & Consequences
Getting Bloody
Stunts for Women (and Men are welcome too)
Anything is a Weapon
Lights, Camera, ACTION!
Acting the Fight and “Selling It”