Sunday Seminars Series

This series is designed to provide intensive four-hour training sessions for Stage & Screen Combat. The subject matter will vary from month to month. Sometimes we will train in the use of specific weapons. Other times the sessions will cover acting-based topics as they specifically relate to violence on stage or screen.

A minimum number of participants is required to make certain the seminar happens so make sure to sign up early.  You must register by the end of the preceding month for the discounted price.

WHERE: will vary but typically at:
-Battery Dance Company, 380 Broadway (2 blocks south of Canal), or Ripley Grier Studios at 520 8th Ave. NYC
TIME: 4 hour blocks (typically in the afternoon, sometimes evening).
COST: Typically $75 (late registration $100) but special seminars will have varying cost.




No Seminar planned

December 2nd

The Flow of Cutlass

Guest Instructor: David “Pops” Doersch

Part historical (small part), part martial arts flow (large part), all fun, this very difficult fighting style has enchanted and challenged workshop participants for 20 years. Throwing aside standard concepts of extension and distance, this fighting style challenges what we know and dares us to flow and try something well outside the box.

Very challenging. Be ready to spin, to flow, to get frustrated and then, to Za!

Note: this seminar is for experienced fighters/performers. If you are new/inexperienced please contact me ( before signing up. All registered participants will be vetted.

Bio: David “Pops” Doersch is one of the co-founders of the International Order of the Sword and the Pen. For the past 30 years, he has fought and taught thousands of swordsmen and women throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. Currently, he works as the fight director for Feld Entertainment’s stunt spectacular, Marvel Universe Live! He also serves as the Clowning/Physical Comedy consultant and coaches puppetry and performance at Feld.

WHERE: Battery Dance Company, 380 Broadway (2 blocks south of Canal)
TIME: 10am – 2pm
COST: $100 (late registration $125)


To Register before November 15th: $100.00:

To Register after November 15th: $125.00:


Tentatively January 6th, 2019

Holiday Fight Gathering: Choose your Weapon

In the spirit of the Holidays, all NYCSS current and past students will come together to mix, mingle and fight! Bring your friends and loved ones to the second half where we’ll enjoy some snacks and hang out.

For the first hour, the floor will be open to work on whatever you want. There will be a variety of items available to train in so you can Choose your Weapon to work with.

For the second hour, we’ll have the Choose your Random Weapon Game! Two names will be drawn from a hat to determine who is fighting whom. Once a pair is determined, they will choose a weapon from a hat. Jared will choreograph a short fight for you to work up and perform. You may see Longsword vs. Gun, Smallsword vs. Unarmed, who knows!

This special gathering will be $25 for participating students in the first 2 hours.

For the last 2 hours, your friends and loved ones can join us for free (please RSVP to by Nov. 30th). You’ll have the opportunity to perform your Random Weapon fight if you’d like and the audience can vote on the best one. Then we will hang out, nibble on snacks and the floor will be open for students to train further if they like.


Tentative Dates for 2019 coming soon!

Remember, if there is specific training you are looking for please let me know and we may be able to arrange a Sunday Seminar on it!

Past Seminars Include:

Camera Awareness in Fights
Tactical Training for Actors
Rhythm of the Fight
Stage & Screen Fighting
Flexibility in Film Fighting
Found Weapons Made Easy
Acting the Fight
Italian Rapier (Rapier & Dagger) for Stage & Screen
Bond or Bowie?
Swashbuckling Sword Feats
Killing, Death & Consequences
Getting Bloody
Stunts for Women (and Men are welcome too)
Anything is a Weapon
Lights, Camera, ACTION!
Acting the Fight and “Selling It”
Cops & Robbers
Realism in Your Knife Fight Choreography
Holiday Fight Gathering: Choose your Weapon