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Swords * Staffs * Knives * & Much More

 Welcome to the site for your New York City Weapons rental!

You will find a variety of weapons available to rent. These are only available in the New York City area. We do not ship.

These are broad categories, so if you have specific request please email us with the details.

What Are you Looking For?
Longswords   Longswords (commonly called Broadswords) $15/week for functional
$10/week for non-functional
Rapiers   Rapiers $15/week for functional
$10/week for non-functional
Sabres   Sabres $10/week
Knives   Knives $10/week
Quarterstaffs   Quarterstaffs  $10/week
Knives   Polearms $15/week
Only these two currently available.

*All weapons rentals must be picked up/returned by one person who will be responsible for them. Please allocate a half hour to review cleaning procedures and maintenance. Delivery can be arranged for $25/trip if we can get there via subway. If

*A signed rental agreement and payment must be made before weapons can be delivered/picked up. Payment can be made by check, cash or paypal. 

*A security deposit will be required for all rentals. The amount will be proportionate to the quantity being rented.

*A three week minimum rental is required. It's important to have enough time with weapons to make sure the actors are prepared. I have found weapons come back in bad shape otherwise.

*Any non-functional rental weapons which are broken during the rental time will be charged for full cost plus $50.

To Place an Order

Please send the list of items needed along with the date range you need them for to jaredkirby@hotmail.com

Not in the New York City area and need to rent weapons? Try one of these recommended suppliers. Dennis Graves Preferred Arms Fight Designer