Fight Direction

A psychologically astute fight director…
-Austin Pendleton

Fights should excite an audience, define a character and move a plot. Incorporating  violence into your film, TV or stage production can enhance your production.  For twenty years Jared has choreographed fights Off-Broadway, Nationally, in London and Sydney.

Check out Jared Kirby’s Fight Direction Resume and his fight directing company, Art of Combat.

Any actor would be blessed to have Jared helping them delve in to the moments when their character becomes involved with violent action, and any director will benefit from his knowledge not just of martial concepts, but of what makes for strong, interesting choices.
-Kevin Inouye of Fight Designer LLC

He’s like the candy man, but his treats are swords, guns, knives, and blood packs.
-Susane Lee, Director & Asst. Artistic Director of Hudson Wareshouse


Jared will do his best to work within your budget. That said, here are the industry standards for Stunt Coordinators & Fight Directors.

For 07/01/15-6/30/2016 a Stunt Coordinator Day Rate is between $906-$1,409 and the Weekly Rate is between $3,378-$5,555. For a detailed breakdown, including the 2016-2017 rates see the SAG/AFTRA Rate Sheet.

Whether your budget is $100 or $100,000 reach out to discuss details. There are many ways to make arrangements that will work within your budget. While Jared may not be available for low budget projects, he has talented up and coming Apprentices who are eager for experience!