Training Actors and Martial Artists

Jared Kirb'sy logoin the New York City area & around the World

Combat for Stage & Screen Training 

Whether it’s a knife fight for an upcoming film or sword work for a Shakespeare production, come get the training you need to get ready.

Fight Coordination

Fights should excite an audience, define a character and move the plot forward. Jared creates fights that will evoke a visceral reaction from your audience. Find out how even a push or slap can enhance your story.

Historical & Classical Fencing

Internationally recognized European sword instructor.  Jared teaches traditional Classical & Historical Fencing as well as Personal Defense & Knife. Come study a variety of historical European weapons or unarmed arts.


Jared and his world-class team are proud to offer a variety of unique event opportunities from Corporate Events to Parties for All Ages as well as Team Building.