Lagrosilliere, founder of the socialist movement in Martinique (and one of the most important political figures of the island in the first half of the 20th century), took offense to an article written.

Paris. February 5.
Deputy LaGrosllliere, representing the French colony on the Island of Martinique, considered himself Insulted in a published article and asked tho procurer general of Martinique, Jules Lionte), if he was the author of it. M. Liontel admitted indirect responsibility, whereupon cards were exchanged, but a court of honor decided that Liontel’s age (61) debarred him from the Held. Then Jules Liontel, Jr. insisted on being a substitute. LaGrosllllere and young Liontel took the field at Or?inde Roue. The latter attacked with youthful impetuosity his physically superior opponent, who promptly wounded the youth in the forearm, causing a considerable hemorrhage.
(From: Detroit Free Press February 9, 1913 page 24)