The most modern duel was fought April 20th, 1967. It was between Gaston Deffere, Mayor of Marseille, and Rene Ribière. After a clash in the National Assembly, Defferre yelled “Taisez-vous, abruti!” at Ribiere and refused to apologize. Ribière challenged and Defferre accepted. The duel took place with epees in a private residence in Neuilly-sur-Seine, and it was officiated by Jean de Lipkowskiin.

Ribière was to be married the following day. Defferre vowed to wound him in such a way as to spoil his wedding night very considerably. The first touch was against Ribière in the arm, but he called for the resumption of the duel. After a second touch in the arm against Ribière, the duel was stopped by Lipkowskiin.