With over 25 years experience in European Martial Arts, Jared’s expertise in this field is unrivaled.  Your fights will have an authenticity that is rarely seen on the big screen! Authentic and martially sound combat can help actors make informed character choices and give credibility to their movement types and behavior patterns. Whether it’s the Medieval Knight, Renaissance swordsman or Small-sword duelist, you can have authentic and exhilarating fights that help tell the story and engage the audience.

Considerable time and energy has gone into researching the period martial arts of Spain, Italy, Germany and France. Jared can work with your Stunt Coordinator to ensure the accuracy of fight choreography while maintaining theatricality or he can train your actors in authentic European Martial Arts to make sure they move correctly.

For large or small projects, you will find historical consulting that ensures your production is accurate in European combative arts.  Just email Jared with details about your project and we can start a dialog.