Created a short fight video for a private client. This will be an updated version of an old TV fight. Now that it’s done let’s see if you can name that show!

This video was produced for a private client as a fan film fight from an old tv show (with a very specific twist). As a Fight Coordinator, I took on this project in order to create a piece showcasing female fighters within the specific fight style parameters established by the producer.

This fun short highlights the kick-ass skills of 4 women as they struggle to do what they think is right. What happens if you need to train and bring the wrong uniform? Should you follow the rules or can you wear whatever you want to dance class?

Kaitlyn Farley as Hannah Wild
Lauren Cafrelli as Madame Gerda
Marcella Pereda as Nina
Charlotte Vaughn Raines as Lily
Chris Pytlak as Pianoman
Katherine Lerner-lam as F. Extra
Michael Pisacano as F. Extra

Producer: Mark Briggs
Director: Jared Kirby
Assistant Director: Katherine Lerner-lam
Director of Photography: Jared Kirby
Editor: Star Fal’Connell
Loader/Media Mgr.: Michael Pisacano
Gaffer: Katherine Lerner-lam
Key Grip: Michael Pisacano
Boom Operator: Fredderica Krehbiel
Script Supervisor: Katherine Lerner-lam
Stunt Coordinator: Jared Kirby
Assistant Stunt Coordinator: Chris Pytlak
Production Assistant: Katherine Lerner-lam
Production Assistant: Michael Pisacano
Production Assistant: Fredderica Krehbiel
Production Assistant: Star Fal’Connell