Whether on stage or in front of the camera, performing combat is a vital skill for an actor. This is why New York Combat for Screen & Stage invites you to hit the ground running with our Combat Performance Boot Camp!

New Participants will learn fundamental unarmed skills including such things as:

  • Punches
  • Kicks
  • Elbow
  • Blocks/Parries
  • Falls
  • Hair Pulls
  • Chokes
  • Ultimately these skills will be applied in a choreographed fight

Participants who have trained with Jared Kirby and NYCSS will be working on a film focused application of learned skills while also adding in kicks and advanced application of fundamental skills:

  • Film focused
  • Camera awareness drill
  • More complex choreography

This Boot Camp will be with NYCSS instructor Tony Mita and will focus on unarmed combat for screen & stage as well as the performance skills necessary to bring character and life into your fights.

This six week intensive will run Tuesday nights From November 6th to December 11th from 6-9pm in NYC.

Deadline: Participants must be registered by November 1st.
Cost: $245

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Classes will be at The Artists Collaborative at 35 W. 38th St. NYC