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April 19th, 2020

*Due to Public Health Concerns, this event was postponed*

Teaching a seminar for the Columbus Saber Academy in Ohio.

April 4th, 2020

*Due to Public Health Concerns, this event was postponed*

Jared will be serving as a Director for the Palm Beach Classical Fencing Open Tournament

March 23rd – May 11th

*Due to Public Health Concerns, this event was postponed*

Shakespeare’s (S)words: An 8 week NYCSS Intensive Track

This 8 week text and combat session will focus on using Shakespeare‘s “keys” to unlock your scene before integrating a sword fight to become a seamlessly part of the story. You will learn how to incorporate a characters’ violence naturally as an extension of the emotional, verbal and psychological state of so many Shakespearean characters.Beginning with a scene from Shakespeare, we will explore how the text and language reveals character intention. Then we’ll get the scene “on its feet” to work on how to tell that story through violence. We will then start rehearsing choreography to get the scene performance ready by the end of the session.Priority will be given to those who have trained with Jared Kirby and NYCSS before opening up to new students. Register by March 1st and then the session will be open to new students.

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March 22nd, 2019

*Due to Public Health Concerns, this event was postponed*

Jared will be teaching a Stage & Screen Combat course for the East Stroudsburg University.

March 15th, 2020

Bar Fights/Group Fights Sunday Seminar

Who doesn’t love a quiet night out? A few friends, some drinks and a lot of laughs.  But before you know it, punches fly and chaos ensues. No one knows who started it, but you may have to finish it! (Or at least grab your drink and find some cover)

This seminar will look at the structure and dynamic of your classic ‘bar fight’. We will also explore how the performer must manage to keep their cool when the basic one- on- one fight escalates into a larger scale group fight.

We will also be looking at the basics of using breakaway props using breakaway bottles! For an extra fee, you can order as many as you’d like to try on that day to smash on yourself or a partner!

WHERE: Battery Dance Company, 380 Broadway (2 blocks south of Canal)
TIME: Noon – 4pm

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March 14th, 2020

NYCSS will be taking part in a variety show themed “Risk, Chance, & The Unexpected”

The Show will be at 8pm at Vital Joint in Brooklyn, a cool walk down space off the L.

March 14th, 2020

*Due to Public Health Concerns, this event was cancelled*

Jared will be serving as Tournament Director for the 2020 Open Assaults Tournament, hosted by the SUNY Purchase Fencing Club

February 24th, 2020

Shooting Difficult Scenes / Sex & Violence for Filmmakers

Special discussion at the 2020 Winter Film Awards International Film Festival!

Your film includes sex and fight scenes, but how do you really shoot these? How can you ensure that your actors are comfortable and safe? When do you need a special rider? How do you avoid injuries? When should you hire a professional, how do you find one and how much does that cost?

Come get all of your questions answered by leading Fight/Combat and Intimacy Coordinators! This event is FREE and open to the public but you must REGISTER IN ADVANCE.

With Chelsea Pace from Theatrical Intimacy Education and martial arts/combat coordinators Jared Kirby and Zelda Gay

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February 7th, 15th and 16th, 2020

A private Film Fighting course for winners of the Terminator: Dark Fate contest.

Promotions were run all over the world for an all expense paid trip to NYC to train with me.

NYCSS Specialized Weapon Tracks

NYCSS is happy to introduce new, specialized weapon tracks into our Monday night classes!

Weapon Track: Longsword (10 Week Course)

When: January 13th – March 16th 
Price: $180

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Students enrolled in these tracks will focus on building the skill set behind that particular weapon on Monday nights from 6:00- 7:00pm at Studio 55C! (55 Avenue C, New York, NY, 10009).

This opportunity is open to all, whether you have trained with us before or not!

Please Note: There are no makeup sessions. These sessions follow a specific progression to get you up to applying skills in a bit a choreography by the end. We will certainly catch you up in the next class if you need to miss one. Additionally, everyone is encouraged to practice outside of class.

February 16th, 2020

Stage & Screen Fighting: Basic or Advanced
This seminar will be the perfect introduction for Fighting for Film or Stage as well as an opportunity for past students to work on Advanced Choreography for a live performance and for film.

Basic: This introduction will cover the fundamental unarmed techniques you will most commonly be called on to perform including punches, slaps, hair pulls, chokes, falls and kicks.

Advanced: If you have trained with us in the past then enroll for the Advanced Choreo session instead. You will be given an advanced sequence of choreography to work up to speed. In the first half you will be expected to perform it at speed for stage and in the second half you will work the common camera angles with minimal rehearsal time to reset for each angle. Please be ready for a high paced experience with high expectations!

WHERE: Battery Dance Company, 380 Broadway (2 blocks south of Canal)

TIME: 12:30 – 4:30

PRICE: If Registered by February 1st – $75
If Registered After February 1st – $100

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Check out this little taste of the Advanced session: