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Specialized Weapon Tracks: Longsword, Saber & Fantasy Weapons

Our Pop Culture is filled with fantastical settings that take us all the way from Middle Earth to a galaxy far, far, away. Such vast worlds in our collective imaginations makes it hard to separate the real life weapons and their use from the whirly-twirley moves of fantasy.

This 6-week track will focus on the martial use of weapon for stage and screen combat before shifting towards using the weapon in a fantasy setting. The track will ultimately lead to applying these techniques to the fantasy laser-sword.

These courses will be taught by NYCSS Instructors Tony Mita & Kaitlyn Farley, running for 6 weekly, three hour classes on Saturdays November 7th through December 12th.

Longsword Track (10am to 1pm): Click Here
Saber Track (2pm to 5pm): Click Here

October 26th, 2020

Jared will be doing a lecture for Sonoma State University on “Preventing Moral Harm in Fight Directing for Stage and Screen”. This lecture will delve into the moral obligations of a fight director when choreographing violence on stage or screen. The emphasis is usually placed on keeping the performers safe physically, but it is equally important to take care of them mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We will discuss the kind of detail that goes into being able to speak to performers in a manner that will aid them in protecting themselves while performing horrible acts of violence for the entertainment of others.

The Seminar will be taking place from 3:00-4:00PM EST

This is free and open to the public, but advance registration is required:

November 8th, 2020

NYCSS is hosting a Sunday Seminar on Flexible Weapons!

Rope, chain, scarves, the options are (almost) limitless!

From fantasy fights to improvised weapons, flexible weapon skills prove their use across a variety of genres.  This seminar will serve as an introduction in the use of flexible weapons for stage combat (plus a few cool twirls and tricks).

Check it out and Register Here!

October 3rd & 4th, 2020

A Weekend of Online Stage Combat Courses

Humble Warrior Movement Arts is hosting a second weekend of Online Stage Combat Courses. The weekend will include “Food for Thought” lectures, “On Your Feet” active classes and small group “Close Encounter” seminars.

The weekend will be a collaboration of several different topics and instructors, and Jared will be giving a lecture on Performing Shakespeare’s Violence.

Take a Look and Register Here!

NYCSS Weapon Courses

We are excited to offer this outdoor training opportunity for students of all experience levels so you can pick up a new weapon or use this chance to shake off the rust and get back to fighting.

We are currently offering two six-week weapon courses. Each course is made up of a weekly three hour class. That’s 18 hours of training!

Rapier Course (Wednesdays 9/9 thru 10/14) – Check it Out Here
Saber Course (Saturdays 9/12 thru 10/17) – Check it Out Here

At this time NYCSS is planning on hosting all classes outdoors. In the event we have to cancel a class due to inclement weather, the two weeks following each course will be reserved as rain dates to make up classes. Due to the nature of this course, a minimum number of participants will be required for the course to be held.

**All courses will adhere to NYCSS Precautions & Protocols for In-Person Training**

Summer 2020

NYCSS Online Classes

NYCSS’s in-person weekly class may be on hold, but never fear! We are putting together a series of online classes (taught via Zoom) that will let everyone continue training from a distance. This will also allow us to go more in depth with topics not normally covered in class.

Classes will be Mondays from 6-7pm. Each class will only be $15

June  15th & June 22nd – Performing Shakespeare’s Violence

July 6th & July 13th – Knife Tricks & Solo Drills

July 20th & July 27th – Killing, Death & Consequences

August 3rd & August 17th – Knife Tricks & Solo Drills: Part 2

August 24th & August 31st – Performing Shakespeare’s Violence: Part 2

Registration for These Classes is Now Live!

July 30th – August 2nd, 2020

Teaching at CombatCon: Where History and Fantasy Meet! in Las Vegas, NV.

CombatCon is many things, but first and foremost, it’s a good time.  The goal is to provide a fun, entertaining, and educational venue for folks who like Western Martial Arts/Historical European Martial Arts in any form, be it practicing them, reading about them in their favorite books, watching them in their favorite shows and movies, seeing them in their favorite comic books, using them in their favorite games, or incorporating them into their favorite costumes and characters.

To that end, CombatCon is a combination of a martial arts convention and a fan convention.  We have something for everyone, from taking part in martial arts classes, to interacting with famous people and super knowledgeable folks in panels, to watching movies, to dancing the night away at our ball.  Bring your costumes if you’d like, but don’t feel compelled to dress up if you don’t want to.  Really, CombatCon is just an excuse to get together with friends and fun people, learn some stuff, talk about some stuff, and have a really good time.

July 26th, 2020

NYCSS is Thrilled to Have Stunt Performer Simone Belli from Milan, Italy for this Special Seminar!

Take Downs with Simone Belli
(Open to ALL)

Haven’t you wanted to do the takedowns from your favorite Action movie? How many times have you been told to yourself … “if only I could do it myself?” It’s time to take the first step towards that goal!   What is a Takedown? A takedown is a technique that involves taking an opponent off-balance and bringing them to the ground (typically with the attacker landing on top). Takedowns are usually distinguished from throws by the forward motion and target of advancement (typically the legs). The techniques of movement control and techniques of BJJ, Grappling and Wrestling.

ACROfight Lab
(Must be Approved to Participate)

Fight like the superheroes do!

Access to the ADVANCED course is supervised by Jared Kirby. Write to him at for approval. Include your training background and any previous experience.

This Advanced 3 hour seminar will include:
– warm up
– pre workout
– acrobatic work
– aerial work
– acrobalance work

This ADVANCED course is recommended for professionals, advanced actor/combatants, or actors with great body perception, circus skills, acrobats or gymnasts!

For all info write to:


Where: TBA
When: TBA

Cost: TBA

More Information Coming Soon!

Simone Belli: A bit about our Guest Instructor

Simone Belli is a stunt performer and national manager on stage combat in FISAC (Italian Federation of Acrobatic & Choreoghraphed Sport) and Fight Choreographer. He regularly teaches stage combat for D-UNIT in Milan, Centro Teatro Attivo in Milan, Binario7 in Monza, Teatri Possibili, the Civic Academy of Dramatic Art “Nico Pepe” in Udine (where he received his diploma in theater in 2011), the MAT in Switzerland, and Independent Drama in London (where he teaches and trains his specialty: “takedowns”).

He constantly trains in BJJ, Krav Maga, Grappling, Stunts and Stage fight (following his Mentor Jared Kirby). Simone met Jared once in NYC and he changed Simone’s mode of thinking and what he was doing in a new, much better way. He works a lot in Milano and his own mode of teaching safe “takedowns” is growing.

Simone is certified in High Risk Firefighting, First Aid, PLE, Module A., PDI 3 cat., IRATA first level and BLSD and is a federal instructor of Krav Maga for Ares Defense Evolution, Tactical operator TAC1-2 and operator for Survival Military. He collaborates with theaters, television and film productions, with the utmost respect for safety regulations, dedicating the maximum of passion and professionalism.