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NYCSS Specialized Weapon Tracks

NYCSS is happy to introduce new, specialized weapon tracks into our Monday night classes!

Weapon Track: Longsword (10 Week Course)

When: January 13th – March 16th 
Price: $180

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Students enrolled in these tracks will focus on building the skill set behind that particular weapon on Monday nights from 6:00- 7:00pm at Studio 55C! (55 Avenue C, New York, NY, 10009).

This opportunity is open to all, whether you have trained with us before or not!

Please Note: There are no makeup sessions. These sessions follow a specific progression to get you up to applying skills in a bit a choreography by the end. We will certainly catch you up in the next class if you need to miss one. Additionally, everyone is encouraged to practice outside of class.

February 16th, 2020

Stage & Screen Fighting: Basic or Advanced
This seminar will be the perfect introduction for Fighting for Film or Stage as well as an opportunity for past students to work on Advanced Choreography for a live performance and for film.

Basic: This introduction will cover the fundamental unarmed techniques you will most commonly be called on to perform including punches, slaps, hair pulls, chokes, falls and kicks.

Advanced: If you have trained with us in the past then enroll for the Advanced Choreo session instead. You will be given an advanced sequence of choreography to work up to speed. In the first half you will be expected to perform it at speed for stage and in the second half you will work the common camera angles with minimal rehearsal time to reset for each angle. Please be ready for a high paced experience with high expectations!

WHERE: Battery Dance Company, 380 Broadway (2 blocks south of Canal)

TIME: 12:30 – 4:30

PRICE: If Registered by February 1st – $75
If Registered After February 1st – $100

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Check out this little taste of the Advanced session:

January 19th, 2020

The Martial Arts of Screen & Stage Combat

We can choreograph and rehearse a spectacular fight, but it’s the underlying reality that sells a performance.

This class is an intensive immersion into staging historical combat for the stage and screen. You will learn how a foundation in martial intent helps to create extraordinary fights. Whether your background is in Western Martial Arts, Stage Combat or Dance you will benefit from exploring how to transfer historical combat styles into safe and exciting performances on stage or screen. Participants will choreograph short fight scenes then we will dissect each in order to apply a strong martial foundation to the actions and see how this makes the fight extraordinary.
As we progress you will find the fundamental principles of safety distance, cooperative energy, planar geometry and the process of developing physical actions are applicable to a variety of weapons.

WHERE: Studios 353 ( 353 West 48th Street 2nd Fl.) Studio #3

TIME: 10am-2pm

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Holiday Fight Party- December 1st, 2019

Holiday Fight Party

In the spirit of the Holidays, all Fight peeps will come together to mix, mingle and fight! Bring your friends and loved ones to the Public Party where we’ll enjoy some snacks and hang out from 7-9pm

Public Party

All fighters near & far, friends, loved ones and even frenemies can join us for free at 7pm. We will be screening a selection of Fight Shorts that NYCSS has done in 2019, hang out, nibble on snacks and mix & mingle. RSVP to required by November 27th.

WHERE: Westbeth Community Room: 55 Bethune St. NYC
WHEN: December 1st from 7-9pm

(Re)Constructing a Fight

Before the party, we’ll take a look at reconstructing a memorable fight from film or TV. Have a favorite? Well now may just be your chance to be in it! The goal will be to create an almost shot-for-shot remake of that fight.

This advanced special session is from 5-7pm and requires prior training with Jared or the NYCSS (or permission for those who have fight experience).

WHERE: Westbeth Community Room: 55 Bethune St. NYC
WHEN: December 1st from 5-7pm
PRICE: $30 [simpay id=”4226″]


November 3rd, 2019- Whip Seminar

Whip with Chris Pytlak

Learn the art of whip from Chris Pytlak! This workshop will begin with a quick history and introduction to different types of whips. Next you will learn standard whip cracks and after that, take them into a little performance. You will learn the skills and techniques for beginning and intermediate whip practitioners.

Please wear comfortable clothes with long sleeves and pants. Safety goggles and whips will be provided, but a hat that covers your ears is recommend along with ear plugs if you are sensitive to noise.

WHERE: Battery Dance Company, 380 Broadway (2 blocks south of Canal)
TIME:  12:00pm- 4:00pm

If registered before November 1st: $75.00

If registered after November 1st: $100.00

Actor Pro Expo NYC October 26th, 2019

I will have a table set up at Actors Pro Expo so by and visit on October 26th!

This is a trade show to help creatives DEVELOP and SUSTAIN their career and to CREATE new opportunities for themselves. Attendees get to meet exhibitors from a wide range of services.

Actors Pro Expo also offers exciting workshops and information-packed seminars led by a range of top industry professionals. Plus there are a limited number of expert 1-2-1 career building sessions to book on the day.


General admission is FREE, the open casting call is FREE (audition slots offered on a first-come-first-served basis), even our Seminars with leading industry-professionals AND expert 1-2-1 career building sessions will also be FREE! For those wanting to get to the next-level in their careers, our Workshops with leading industry experts will be available for $30 each and can be booked online in advance here along with your FREE ENTRY tickets, which are limited, so make sure you GRAB YOUR TICKET BY CLICKING HERE NOW!