“A Stage Combat Class You’ll Want to Check Out!”
-Backstage 2/17/15

Learn to create and perform extraordinary fights for screen and stage.

Conflict is the essence of great theatre, film or TV. Whether it’s a simple push, slap or a complex sword fight, it’s rare to have a storyline that doesn’t call for some sort of violence. This needs to be performed safely while making certain the violence appears realistic and truthful so the story being told is enhanced.

NYCSS Weekly Training via Monthly Membership

Over the past few weeks, NYCSS students have reached out hoping our weekly classes are starting again. We are overjoyed to see that excitement and desire to resume training. Given the current state of Covid in NYC however, we are not comfortable opening up for weekly drop in classes. That’s just too many people going through the doors each week for us to keep everyone safe.

But all is not lost! We are opening a weekly class slot for a small, consistent group of people. Here’s how it will work:
– All students will commit to train for that entire month. – Class will be 2 hours on a weekday evening at Studio 353 on W. 48th Street in Manhattan.- Like a gym membership, you will pay for the month (whether or not you can attend). The rate will be divided by the number of students participating. This could make it $25-$30/week if 8 people are interested or $50-$60/week for 4 people. The more people involved, the cheaper it will be for everyone. Class will be capped at 8 people. After 8 people have committed for the month a waitlist will be created.
– Those who were signed up the previous month will have first dibs on the next month. Anyone not continuing will be replaced with the next person on the waitlist. If that initial person wants to join the training again, they will be added to the waitlist for future openings.
– If enough people are interested in this approach, then a 2nd session will be opened.

We are very excited about this idea, so if you are interested, contact us at [email protected] ASAP so we can start of 2021 with this training opportunity!

**All courses will adhere to NYCSS Precautions & Protocols for In-Person Training**

New Weapon Courses

The return of in-person training with NYCSS!

Our Pop Culture is filled with fantastical settings that take us all the way from Middle Earth to a galaxy far, far, away. Such vast worlds in our collective imaginations makes it hard to separate the real life weapons and their use from the whirly-twirley moves of fantasy.

This 6-week track will focus on the martial use of the weapon for stage and screen combat before shifting towards using the weapon in a fantasy setting. The track will ultimately lead to applying these techniques to the fantasy laser-sword.

Longsword & Fantasy Weapons (Saturdays 11/7 thru 12/12) – Check it Out Here
Saber & Fantasy Weapons (Saturdays 11/7 thru 12/12) – Check it Out Here

Due to the nature of these courses, a minimum number of participants will be required for the course to be held.

**All courses will adhere to NYCSS Precautions & Protocols for In-Person Training**

NYCSS Online Training

NYCSS’s in-person weekly class may be on hold, but never fear! We are putting together a series of online classes (taught via Zoom) that will let everyone continue training from a distance. This will also allow us to go more in depth with topics not normally covered in class.

Classes will be Mondays from 6-7pm. Each class will only be $15

August 24th & August 31st – Performing Shakespeare’s Violence: Part 2

Registration for These Classes is Now Live!

In Person Weekly Classes on Hiatus

but when we return, here’s all the details on how classes are run.

What is Class Like?

NYC Combat for Screen and Stage is an ongoing group class that allows you to train on an individual basis. All skill levels are welcome. Our class is designed in an ongoing format to build upon your skill level and goals as a performer. Various styles are taught concurrently; on a given night you may be working on Unarmed combat while others are working on Longsword, another group on Knife, or a pair working on Choreography for a project!

How Much is Class?

At NYCSS we understand that a performer’s weekly schedule can be tough. That’s why we provide multiple options to register for class:

Single “Drop-in” Class
This is perfect for a schedule that requires casual training

  • 1 Class – $30 (make payment when reserving your class)

Package Sets
For those training on a more regular basis.

  • 4 Classes – $90 ($22.50/class)
  • 8 Classes – $150 ($18.75/class)
  • 16 Classes – $275 ($17.00/class)

Click Here to Register for a Package Set and Save

How Do I Attend?

All classes require a Reservation at least 24 hours in advance with payment made in advance. You can cancel up to 24 hrs prior to class and apply your payment to a future class. All cancellations less than 24 hrs prior to class forfeit their payment.

To reserve your class just click the appropriate link below.

Class Schedule

*Due to Public Health Concerns, Classes Will Be On Hiatus Until Further Notice. Check Back Soon for Updates*

Due to public health concerns our weekly class, usually held Monday nights from 6 to 7pm, will be on hiatus.

Your health and safety is, as it always has been, our top priority. Please know we are closely monitoring the situation and hope to be back up and running as soon as it is responsibly safe to do so.

As always, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Head Instructor: Jared Kirby (Certified Fight Director: Art of Combat, Honorary ASCA)
Instructors: Tony Mita, Kaitlyn Farley, Vincent Lane (NYCSS Certified Instructors)

Where Do I Go?

*New Day, New Location, Same Great Class!*

As of January 6th, our Classes will be held at Studio 55C (55 Avenue C, New York, NY, 10009).

The studio is accessible by the M9, M14A and M14D buses, the F/M and J/Z trains at 2nd Avenue, and Astor Place R, W and 6 trains

Classes are from 6:00-7:00pm. You will need comfortable clothes to work in and a pair of clean sneakers. (Street Shoes are not allowed in the Studio)

I Can’t Attend Monday nights. How Can I Train?

Can’t make weeknights?
Once a month there is a 4 hour Sunday Seminar. Click on the link for the subjects, dates and times.
There are also opportunities like the NYCSS Summer Intensive each year.
Private Lessons are available.


More about Class

The emphasis in class is put on learning the skills necessary to perform fights exceptionally. This is not a “certification course” as certificates are of minimal use to you in the industry. Where and how you train matters more. When auditioning for a fighting role, the stunt coordinator/fight director cares about what you can do. The more work you put into training, the better you will be. THAT is what will get you hired in fighting roles. Remember that under performance stress, we do not rise to the level of our expectations; we drop to the level of our training.

Once your skills reach the necessary level we choose a fight scene and start creating choreography to perform for stage or screen (depending on your focus). For example, RUN RABBIT, RUNNo Walk in the Park and Poker Night (watch rehearsal for Poker Night too) were short films using students from this class. Several fight showcases have been performed in NYC such as Aggressive Negotiations, Fix the Tardis and This Time it’s Personal.

Other Project include:

This training is perfect for Stage and Screen Actors, Dancers, Opera performers, Directors and any kind of Storytellers. It’s imperative that everyone learns how to use violence to enhance the characters and advance the story.

Some of the things you can learn in class include: unarmed, knife, longsword, sword & shield, axe, rapier (Italian or Spanish), small-sword, sabre (Northern Italian, Southern Italian or Spanish), short-sword, quarterstaff, spear and improvised weapons.

For more information, pricing or if you have any questions please send an email to [email protected] or call 646.382.6945. You can find us on Facebook at NYC Combat for Screen & Stage, Art of Combat, or subscribe to the newsletter below.

Just a few clips of things we have worked on in class:
After a class on Falls, we finished the night with this

Lifting Chokes

Knife Seminar: Advanced participants taken on location to shoot

More coming soon!

If you purchased your class on CourseHorse, our cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you need help canceling or have any questions, please visit CourseHorse.