Cops & Robbers

Police dramas and Action films are very popular right now so learn more about performing standard parts for these from a Professional. This seminar is specifically designed for actors, film fighters, stunt performers, and writers. It is taught by veteran Law Enforcement trainer, Kevin McMahon. Kevin has spent over 20 years training Bergen County Sheriff’s Officers and will give you the fundamental skills and confidence to accurately and realistically portray standard characters.

This course will cover both sides of the coin. We will start by looking at actable choices in Police Tactics & Training so that you can play a more realistic police officer.

This will include:
Standard postures and why.
Cuffing techniques: on the wall, car, or ground.
Frisking a suspect correctly.

Additionally you may be the “bad guy” in a show, so we will look at real police stories of stereotypical bad guys. You will learn standard behaviors of a:
drug addict
drug dealer
street hood

Participants will then work on Improv scenes based on what they have learned and get feedback from the Professional!

Come prepared with questions and a notebook. You will need  a belt.

If registered after  September 1st: $100.00: [stripe name=”Jared Kirby” description=”LateCops”  amount=”10000″]

WHERE: Battery Dance Company, 380 Broadway (2 blocks south of Canal), NYC
TIME: 12pm-4pm