The CT Film Fighting seminar provides practical training and experience working in front of the camera for Action Films/TV.

Film sets can be exciting and intimidating because you are expected to deliver quickly in a high pressure environment. This seminar will focus on the fundamental principles of unarmed combat before moving into the application of acting skills to enhance the story being told. Conflict is the essence of great storytelling so it is important to learn how to reveal character through violence!

Participants will gain an understanding and experience the requirements of film combat for an actor. At the end of the seminar you will have a good start to the foundation of a skill set to build on for future work in combat for Film/TV.

WHERE: Twin Dragons Martial Arts, 314 Main Street Wallingford, CT 06492. Matted floors so barefoot, grip socks or mat shoes only please
TIME: 12pm-4pm.
COST: $50 (late registration $75). Space is limited so make sure to register soon.

Payments before April 18th:
$50.00 [stripe name=”Jared Kirby” description=”CTfilm” amount=”5000″]

Payments after April 18th:
$75.00 [stripe name=”Jared Kirby” description=”CTfilm” amount=”7500″]