Excited to be back in Scotland!

January 12th, 2019
Deconstructing Capo Ferro

Although Capo Ferro has not left us a “manual” to work from, his brilliant treatise hold the keys necessary to recreate his system of fencing while also giving a wonderful glimpse of contemporary fencing as well as the opinions of other masters.

This seminar with Maestro Jared Kirby will give you guidelines to understanding how Capo Ferro presents information as we work on distilling his system from the source.

Class will begin with the posture and guard which are the foundation of all fencing. We will look at how Capo Ferro explains his guardia and where to find the information in his book. Using this information we will then assume the posture precisely as he describes and illustrates. Once in the proper posture, we will add the weapon and position it exactly as Capo Ferro describes in order to form his one and only guardia. From this guardia, we will examine how Capo Ferro prepares and executes an attack. Start with his footwork, we will analyze the passo straordinario in order to perform the precise mechanics of his unique ‘lunge’. Next, we will examine how to enter the fight and create tempo for your attack. The class will conclude with an examination of how to position ourselves to facilitate defense in the attack.

January 13th, 2019
Rob Roy vs Archibald Cunningham

This seminar with Maestro Paul Macdonald and Jared Kirby will focus on how the Broadsword would be used against the Italian Rapier. Come choose a side and learn the tactics and strategies that you should use against the other weapon.