White jackets
White or light grey plain t-shirt
Charcoal grey pants, knickers or skirt
Solid Black shoes and black socks

Please remember that you get what you pay for. I have recommended the following items in different price ranges but have always listed them in the order that I recommend. Please note that the prices list may have changed.

There are new items coming out everyday, so if you find something you like please let me know and I will evaluate if it is useable.

The preference for Mask, Jacket and Pants/Knickers is Zen Warrior Armory (aka Triplette). All the details are here.

If I have said go to Blue Gauntlet, here is the sheet I mentioned to bring with you.


Make sure that your mask has a tongue. Some are now made without and just have a round circle in the back.

Leon Paul

These two masks have the traditional tongue. Do not purchase their contour-fit-system as you will not be allowed to use it at the Academy.
FIE Traditional Epee Mask Ref: 280 $217.00
Arena Traditional Epee Mask $144.00

Blue Gauntlet

BG 3 Weapons Mask

RF PBT Epee Mask FIE 1600/1000N Price $225.00


Zen Warrior Armory

Classical Fencing jacket. Reg: $119.50-144.50 for the regular jacket.

They are making a Moser Classic Jacket but to order speak to me first. You will need to call first at (336) 835-7774 (Do NOT order online!). You will have to provide them with certain measurements which are listed here.

Longsword/Sidesword Jacket. Reg: $209

A custom made jacket is acceptable; however you should first discuss this with your teacher to make sure your choice is appropriate.
NO NYLON on any part of the jacket.


Pants/knickers must be a charcoal grey and a fabric that is easy to move in. It is difficult to find a good source so people have come up with some inventive ways to get them.

Zen Warrior (aka Triplette) makes custom knickers  and Pants from a grey twill material.
To order, call 336-835-7774 and ask for Starla to order the “Moser Classic Pants.” Do not place your order with anybody else since they don’t have the information necessary to take your order.
Do NOT place your order online as this item is not available on their website! Their website shows similar pants but not this exact one! You will have to provide them with certain measurements which are listed here.

HISTORICAL EMPORIUM Callahan Dress Trousers – Charcoal. This link is the only one that will work for Class

Wrangler has an inexpensive option. Make sure to get “Grey Twill” for the color and confirm they are 98% Cotton 2% Spandex. There are other versions online that are Nylon and those will not work.

Fencing Skirts are acceptable for ladies and can be had in variable lengths. Please make certain it gets hemmed to just below the knee and you’ll need stockings so there is no exposed skin.


A glove for the armed hand is required for the classical weapons.
Gloves for both hands are required for the Historical weapons and sabre.
The cuff of the glove must go over and cover the sleeve by at least three inches. Gloves can be
white, beige, or of a light solid color.
*Gloves that have bright red, blue, etc on the palms or back of the hand are not permitted.

Absolute Standard 3-W Washable Glove (XS ~ XL) 31001 $14.00
RF PR Prieur 3-Weapons Leather and 350N Fabric Glove, $56.00
“Superior” style in the section of motorcycle gloves: 105 British pounds

Shoes & Socks

Solid black Shoes Only
Look for indoor soccer or tennis shoes, walking shoes, etc. Try to find shoes with good heel
support that are not clunky. Basketball sneakers are not appropriate. Fencing shoes should not be worn outside as street shoes. NO black sneakers that have bright or white color soles, stripes, or logos etc. Non-marking soles only.

Solid black socks
Socks for knickers can be baseball or soccer socks. Women can also wear black tights.
*NO socks with corporate logos visible.


Blue Gauntlet has a light bag that works fine. $32

SKB has a wonderful hard case for travel. It has a lifetime warranty so it is a great investment. There are several case that will work but I use the SKB ATA Standard Golf Travel Case.  $260

Plastrons/Sleeves/Addtl Protection

Longsword/Sidesword Mask Overlay – Spes “Unity” Leather Mask Overlay Pro. Reg $79


Classical French Foils, Epees & Sabres
Benjamin Arms – He has apprenticed with Maestro Martinez to produce amazing classical fencing weapons. If buying your first foil you need to buy the The Classical French Foil. Ben is on hiatus for 2 years though so you can no longer purchase.

Zen Warrior sabre – Steel guard, S-2000 blade, ambidextrous.

Zen Warrior Armory – The Dennis Graves Spanish Rapier is affordable and great quality for the price. Can be used for Spanish or Italian rapier training. Talk to me about blade length prior to ordering.

Arms & Armor Fechtbuch Sword is recommended. It’s beautiful but expensive.

CAS Iberia Longsword trainers – While these are not ideal, they are less than half the price of the ones I recommend above. Other options are the Tinker Longsword and Tinker Bastard sword. Please contact me to order this.

Training Knives
Cold Steel Rubber Training Knives – For our purposes the Bowie Trainer is the best one to purchase, but you can also get the “Black Bear Classic” or “Military Classic”. I recommend doing a group order to save on shipping.

The most inexpensive place I’ve found is here.

Aluminum trainers from Keen Edge Knives.

Stunt Gear

Back Protector
Demon, POC, Dainaise are all great

Elbow/Knee Pads
There are tons of cheap options but I really like the POC Joint VPD 2.0 and here are the elbows and knees.

Better pads can be had at G-Forms and they often have sales running.

Ladies, Stunt Bumpers is the company I mentioned. You can get individual pieces or their starter kit, which covers almost everything.

Stunt Listings

Stunt Listings is a free site (for now). Get listed on that.

Stunt Contact is a subscription based breakdown but does require Sag-Aftra membership to order it.