Le jeu de l’épée.

Book Description: Paris: Paul Ollendorff, 1887. Second edition. 12vo. Edited by Emile André. Unillustrated. Black half-morocco binding with gold titling on spine. Jacob is credited with creating modern epee fencing in the late 1860s. He was the first master to abandon the conventions of foil in response to the need, still strongly felt in France at that time, for practical preparation for a duel where the ability to hit without being hit was of paramount importance. In so doing, he started a war of words between traditionalist, who regarded foil as ‘real’ fencing, and the new followers of epee, practical fencing, that was to last more than 30 years before epee was finally accepted as a weapon in its own right, requiring a method of teaching quite distinct from that of foil. The first edition appeared in 1886.

Book Condition: Excellent. Signature of previous owner on title page. Slight rubbing to spine and corners.

Price: $550

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