Redwood Rapier Camp in Arcata, CA
http://www.martinez -destreza. com/

A weeklong immersion into Italian or Spanish rapier with classes 8 hours a day and lectures held every night. ¬†Maestro Ramon Martinez, Maestro Jeannette Acosta Martinez, Jared Kirby and Antone Blair teach the world’s only weeklong camp for serious students of historical rapier fencing.

As always, this camp will serve as an introduction to the art for those with no previous fencing experience, in a safe and friendly learning environment. Anyone wanting a solid foundation for the study and practice of this demanding art should not miss this unique opportunity.

This camp also remains the best opportunity for experienced rapier fencers to hone their skills and improve their understanding of the concepts, techniques, tactics and theory of either the Italian or Spanish systems of 17th century rapier fencing. Any experienced student or instructor of rapier fencing cannot afford to miss this week of intensive training.