Axe Throwing at Kick Axe Brooklyn

On Sunday, June 9th, we’ll be at Kick Axe Brooklyn for an afternoon of Axe Throwing!

“Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn, NY…  a one of a kind ax-perience in the heart of one of the most ax-hilarating cities in the world. ”

Kick Axe Website

This will include a 10-15 minute introduction from a Kick Axe Instructor before a series of challenges and games to test and improve your skills in projectile weapons.

The location even has a bar area where you can buy your own drinks and snacks!

Space at this seminar is limited so sign up now to secure your spot and kick some axe with us!

WHERE: Kick Axe Brooklyn,



TIME: 12:00pm- 2:30pm

If registered before June 1st: $75.00 [stripe name=”Jared Kirby” description=”KickAxeEarly”  amount=”7500″]

If registered after June 1st: $100.00 [stripe name=”Jared Kirby” description=”KickAxeLate”  amount=”10000″]