Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Lights, Camera, ACTION takes on a different meaning when you are fighting for film! This course will look at fundamental camera angles utilized in shooting action for films.

This seminar is not just for Performers, but also Directors and Camera Operators. Our Director of Photography, Lars Elling Lunde, will have a monitor setup which will allow you to see the difference between what is performed and what we see on camera.

Performers, you need to understand how to adjust the action when the camera moves so be ready to embrace the ridiculousness of an ascending angle fight or the “security cam” shot!

Directors & DPs, the more you understand what fighters for film & stunt performers need to do to sell the hits, the easier it will be for you to  get the shot.

The seminar will culminate in a short fight being filmed!

DP, Lars Elling Lunde, has been a camera operator, gaffer & editor for film & video for over 30 years as well as a weapon smith / fight director (in his younger days…) and brings a broad set of view points to the planning and shooting of violence. With emphasis on camera angles, on-set terms, lens types, shutter speed, depth of field and camera movement options, he will be helping students to understand that the camera is always the third partner in every filmed fight and how to incorporate it into safe and effective performance as an often essential part of final choreography. Lights, camera, ACTION indeed!

WHERE: Ripley Grier Studios at 520 8th Ave. Studio 17A
TIME: 12pm-4pm

Payments before February 1st:

$75.00 [stripe name=”Jared Kirby” description=”LCAearly” amount=”7500″]

Payments after February 1st:
$100.00 [stripe name=”Jared Kirby” description=”LCAlate” amount=”10000″]