Director for the Martinez Academy In-House Assault of Arms.

Spectators Welcome!

MAA 1st In-House Assault of Arms
Assaults will be in Foil, Dueling Sword and Dueling Sabre
March 10th, 2018
11:30am – 4:30pm
735 Anderson Hill Rd Purchase, NY (Small Gym)

To participate you must be in practice. If you have not trained in the last 6 months you cannot participate.

Fencers will be judged on all aspects of decorum and etiquette.

Points will be deducted for every infraction. A few example include:

-Uniforms must be pristine, fit correctly, and adhere to the dress code. no exceptions
-Fencers must be properly groomed
-Approach and departure from the piste (must be there within 10 seconds of their name being called)
-Execution of salutes must be precise
-Posture, carriage and body language must embody the art and science as taught at Martinez Academy

Assaults will follow standard rules and regulations but additional restrictions or constraints can be added at any time. All assaults are expected to show clarity in the actions, precision in timed actions, regularity (meaning, exact, orthodox execution) and self-control.

All properly executed attacks must be answered. If a fencer retreats instead of answering, the fencer will be penalized with a point against.

Double touches will count against both fencers.

All ripostes must have a straight arm. Fencers must utilize footwork correctly to facilitate their riposte.

No forcing “infighting.”

If the foil is dropped while making an attack/hitting the adversary, it will be a point against the attacker.

Brutality and heavy handedness will be penalized heavily.