*Due to Public Health Concerns, this event was postponed*

Shakespeare’s (S)words: An 8 week NYCSS Intensive Track

This 8 week text and combat session will focus on using Shakespeare‘s “keys” to unlock your scene before integrating a sword fight to become a seamlessly part of the story. You will learn how to incorporate a characters’ violence naturally as an extension of the emotional, verbal and psychological state of so many Shakespearean characters.Beginning with a scene from Shakespeare, we will explore how the text and language reveals character intention. Then we’ll get the scene “on its feet” to work on how to tell that story through violence. We will then start rehearsing choreography to get the scene performance ready by the end of the session.Priority will be given to those who have trained with Jared Kirby and NYCSS before opening up to new students. Register by March 1st and then the session will be open to new students.

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