Martinez Academy of Arms and Raven Arts Institute are pleased to host our biennial 3-day Spanish Martial Arts Weekend. The focus this year will be on the tactical considerations of the cut versus the thrust.

Rapier Session

The nature of the Spanish school of rapier allows the diestro/fencer/student, to express himself in innumerable ways as a martial artist. The priority will be on teaching the diestro how to consider what technique to use in regard to the adversary based on measure and proportion. We will cover the thrust and the types of cuts in detail so the diestro can determine which is more appropriate in a given situation. Additionally, the diestro will learn to determine how a cut can end in a thrust or vice versa.
Navaja Session

Maestro James Lorigea will delve into the tactical considerations of the cut versus the thrust with the navaja. The focus will be on how the attacks are similar to and different from the rapier when they are performed with the shorter blade. He will explore the relative merits of each attack as well as the combination of both techniques during the attack based on your footwork, your angle of approach, and the relative length of the adversary’s weapon as compared to yours.


Maestro Ramon Martinez
Maestro Jared Kirby
Maestro James Loriega

For location, cost and to register please go to the Martinez Academy Website.