NYCSS Films Fights

Take this opportunity to showcase your fight skills on your acting reel!

New York Combat for Screen & Stage gives actor-combatant the opportunity to put their fighting skills on screen.

NYCSS will consult and work with you to provide an original scene, create fight choreography highlighting your skills, and rehearse so that you are film ready and professional!

Whether you are ready to show off some unarmed combat or have your weapons work highlighted, we will customize to show off the skills your proud of while providing a scene that evolves into a memorable fight. Remember, the story is what makes people care about the fight, so time will be spent on character, relationship, motive and bringing all that with you into telling the story of the fight.

NYCSS will work with you to provide:
-A newly written, original scene
-Fight choreography designed to highlight your particular skills
-Rehearsal time, ensuring your scene is film ready and professional
-An organized and produced day on set with a full crew
-A fully edited final copy of your scene

Throughout this process you will work as you would on a full production; with a Fight Director, Director, Director of Photography/Camera Operator and Sound Operator. This will all be professionally filmed and edited to provide you with action footage to add to your reel.
NOTE: We provide action fights only, no stunts.

This workshop is a first come first serve basis via a wait list (sign-up list?). Let us know of your interest and once we have enough people signed up to run the workshop and create pairings of actor-combatants, the dates will be set. Those on the list will be contacted in order of when they signed up for and their availability. You will never be taken off the
list if you are unavailable but will be contacted first for the next round.

You can even sign up with a friend and film a scene together! Please make note of this when you contact us.

If you are interested in taking part in this opportunity, please email You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your enrollment/place on the list.

Filming Price: $1000
This price includes your script, rehearsals, filming crew and editing

*NOTE: This is not the same as having us work on your project, or produce your work. If you would like us to work on your film/scene please see the Jared Kirby Fight Director page for further details.

Some Videos from Past Filming Intensives: