The need for actors to know how to fight is bigger than ever. There’s never been a better time to channel your inner fighter and train in stage and screen combat!

Our goal is to provide a place where actors can hone their craft in creating safe violence for stage and screen. NYCSS focuses on grounding fights in martial reality to make sure the action is highly realistic, while also being an integral part of the story and revealing character.


Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

(Due to the ebb and flow of coronavirus conditions we are not locking down the full content of the event in order to stay malleable and to make sure we’re upholding the highest safety measures possible)

NYCSS focuses on grounding fights in martial reality to create action that is highly realistic and reveals character as an integral part of the story. Actors learn how violence builds from the written scene and enhances the story being told. The application of skill in a safe environment is extremely important in this art. Learn the relevant skills and professionalism needed to work in our ever expanding and demanding industry. This week of training is perfect not only for Stage and Screen actors, but performers of all disciplines including Dancers and Opera singers! Daily subject matter will draw from classical and contemporary material from both stage and film/tv to study a variety of dramatic and comedic situations.

*** It’s not enough to be able to perform it. You must be able to replicate it. ***

The live performance on Friday & Saturday night gives you instant feedback from an audience. This way you know when the tools you’ve learnt have been successfully utilized. Instructors will provide feedback after each performance in order to facilitate your growth and training in dramatic violence.

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