We are excited to offer this outdoor training opportunity for students of all experience levels so you can pick up a new weapon or use this chance to shake off the rust and get back to fighting.

We are currently offering two six-week weapon courses. Each course is made up of a weekly three hour class. That’s 18 hours of training!

Rapier Course (Wednesdays 9/9 thru 10/14) – Check it Out Here
Saber Course (Saturdays 9/12 thru 10/17) – Check it Out Here

At this time NYCSS is planning on hosting all classes outdoors. In the event we have to cancel a class due to inclement weather, the two weeks following each course will be reserved as rain dates to make up classes. Due to the nature of this course, a minimum number of participants will be required for the course to be held.

**All courses will adhere to NYCSS Precautions & Protocols for In-Person Training**