Jump Back into Training with NYCSS!

Over the past few weeks, NYCSS students have reached out hoping our weekly classes are starting again. We are overjoyed to see that excitement and desire to resume training. Given the current state of Covid in NYC however, we are not comfortable opening up for weekly drop in classes. That’s just too many people going through the doors each week for us to keep everyone safe.

But all is not lost! We are opening a weekly class slot for a small, consistent group of people. Here’s how it will work:
– All students will commit to train for that entire month. – Class will be 2 hours on a weekday evening at Studio 353 on W. 48th Street in Manhattan.- Like a gym membership, you will pay for the month (whether or not you can attend). The rate will be divided by the number of students participating. This could make it $25-$30/week if 8 people are interested or $50-$60/week for 4 people. The more people involved, the cheaper it will be for everyone. Class will be capped at 8 people. After 8 people have committed for the month a waitlist will be created.
– Those who were signed up the previous month will have first dibs on the next month. Anyone not continuing will be replaced with the next person on the waitlist. If that initial person wants to join the training again, they will be added to the waitlist for future openings.
– If enough people are interested in this approach, then a 2nd session will be opened.

We are very excited about this idea, so if you are interested, contact us at nycfilmfights@gmail.com ASAP so we can start of 2021 with this training opportunity!

**All courses will adhere to NYCSS Precautions & Protocols for In-Person Training**