taught by David Doersch, casting director for Marvel Universe Live and Jurassic World.

This fun, hard hitting seminar will cover critical techniques for success in stunts/live action performance. 99% of all violence in film, television and live action stunt performing is unarmed. Almost all unarmed action in this milieu boils down to a handful of core techniques that are the bread and butter of all stunt fighting. Harder hitting than stage combat, yet perfectly safe. Come prepared to sweat and make contact!

Note: this seminar is for experienced fighters/performers. If you are new/inexperienced please email jared@jaredkirby.com before signing up. All registered participants will be vetted.

Space will be limited.

WHEN: Thursday Nov. 7th 7pm-9:30pm
WHERE: Gelsey Kirkland, 29 Jay St. Brooklyn, NY. Studio 1.
PRICE: $100

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Bio: David “Pops” Doersch is one of the co-founders of the International Order of the Sword and the Pen. For the past 30 years, he has fought and taught thousands of swordsmen and women throughout the United States, Canada and abroad. Currently, he works as the fight director for Feld Entertainment’s stunt spectacular, Marvel Universe Live! and Jurassic World! He also serves as the Clowning/Physical Comedy consultant and coaches puppetry and performance at Feld.