Tower Fectbuch I.33 Latin 1290 Plates Sword and Buckler
Liberi, Maestro Fiore dei Fior di Battaglia (Getty version)*some pages are faded or very dark due to microfilm printing* Italian 1410 Many Plates Wrestling, Unarmed vs. Dagger, Dagger vs. Sword, Longsword, Armored Longsword, Armored Poleaxe, Spear, Calvary Lance, Calvary Sword, Salvary Wrestling, Polearm vs. Calvary.
Liberi, Maestro Fiore dei Flos Duellatorum (from Novati, 1902) English trans of Italian 1410 Many Plates Same weapons, different order with brief captions.
Talhoffer Fechtbuch German 1443 illustrations Long Sword, Warhammer, Duelling Shields, Dagger, Unarmed
Vadi, Philippo Ad Illustrissim um Pricipem Mevm…   15th Cent. 106 Illustrations Lance, Dagger, Longsword, Wrestling, In Armor: Poleaxe,Long Sword, Spada in arme,
Talhoffer Fechtbuch German 1459   Long Sword, Lance/ Dagger, Unarmed, Horseback (+Lance/ Sword)
Codex Wallerstein (Collection of plates from)   ~1470’s plates Longsword, wrestling, dagger vs. dagger, messer, 2 against 1 unarmed


Menauguerra, Ponc de Lo Cavaller Spanish 1490 No Plates Use of the Lance and Jousting