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Hope, Sir William A New, Short, and Easy Method of Fencing Scottish 1707 No Plates Fecing Lessons and Theory
Hope, Sir William A Vindication of the True Art of Self-Defence Scottish 1729 No Plates Duelling Theory, Fencing Theory
Blackwell, Henry The Gentleman’s Tutor for the Small Sword English 1730 5 plates Smallsword
Blackwell, Edward A Compleat System of Fencing American 1734 No plates Smallsword
L’ Abbat Monsieur The Art of Fencing, or, the Use of the Small Sword English trans of French 1734 Plates Smallsword
Girard, PJF Nouveau Traite De La Perfection sur le fait des Armes French 1736 plates Smallsword, Smallsword & dagger, Rapier vs Smallsword, Smallsword vs Saber, Smallsword vs. Spear, Spear, Musket, Bayonet, Grenades
Godfrey, John A Treatise Upon the Useful Science of Defence, Connection the Small and Back Sword English 1747 No plates Smallsword, Backsword, Boxing
Lonnergan, A The Fencer’s Guide English 1771 Plates Smallsword, Backsword, Spadroon
McArthur, John A New and Complete Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Fencing English 1780 Plates Smallsword
Olivier, Mr. Fencing Familiarized English & French 1780 No Plates Smallsword
Angelo The School of Fencing English 1787 Plates Smallsword, Smallsword and dagger, Smallsword vs Smallsword and dagger, Smallsword and Cloak vs Smallsword and Latern, Smallsword vs Broadsword
Danet, M.Guillaume L’Art des Armes (Tome Premier) 3rd edition French 1798 Plates Foil/Smallsword
Danet, M.Guillaume L’Art des Armes (Tome Seconde) 3rd edition French 1798 Plates Foil/Smallsword


?Gordon, Anthony Treatise on the Science of Defence, for the Sword, Bayonet, and Pike, in Close Action English 1805 Plates Spadroon, Smallsword, Bayonet
Roland, Joseph The Amateur of Fencing London 1809 No Plates Fencing Technique
Roland, George An Introductory Course of Fencing Scottish 1827 5 plates Basic Fencing
Ghersi, Captain Traite sur l’Art de faire des Armes French 1830 Plates Foil/Small sword
?Gambogi, Michele Trattato Sulla Scherma Italian 1837 Plates Foil, Smallsword, Smallsword & dagger, Smallsword vs Rapier, Smallsword & Cloak vs. Smallsword & Latern, Saber
Wayne, Henry Sword Exercise, arranged for military Instruction American 1850 23 Plates Foil, Sabre (broadsword), Espadon (cut and thrust)
Berriman, Capt. M.W The Militiaman’s Manual American 1859 Plates Foil, Military Saber
Chapman, George The Art of Fencing English 1864 Plates Foil
Cordelois Lecons D’Armes French 1872 Plates Classical Foil
Corbesier, A.J. Small Sword Exercise American 1873 Plates Foil/Smallsword
Edited by Beauford, Duke of The Badmington Library (missing the boxing section) English 1890 Plates Fencing and Wrestling
?Hutton, Alfred The Swordsman English 1891 Plates Foil, Singlestick, Saber, Bayonet



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