Jared Kirby has worked with high value clients and international marketing companies to develop exciting, unique experiences. With a team of film fight professionals, stage fighters & fencers, Jared can bring something original to your next event. Whether it’s a Stunt Fighting Experience (as commissioned for the release of Jack ReacherKick-Ass 2 and Spiderman: Homecoming) or teaching your guests the art of Champagne Sabrage, we guarantees an unforgettable event. Here is a partial list of past events that may be right for your event or give me a call to discuss a custom project just for you.

Be an Action Movie Star! Train the way they do in the movies.  These sessions allow guests to learn the fundamentals to performing combat safely for film and culminates in a short fight that is filmed.  You’ll be surprised what can be done in just 2-3 hours so check out examples of these people with no experience from Ireland, Germany and Netherlands.

Fighting over your product (or loved one)! What better way to highlight your product at a special event than to have two people fight over it?  Whether it’s Pirates swashbuckling, Musketeers sword fighting, special agents with knives, or a downright brawl, you can get everyone’s attention with a little fight! Fights have been designed for new product launches, convention booths and even for weddings and engagements.

“Duel” with your Friends: After discussing how to arrange a duel properly at the beginning of the evening, guests then “challenge” other guests to personal combat.

Sabrage (Champagne sabreing): Learn how to open a champagne bottle with a sabre.  It’s not as hard as it looks!

A Fencing Experience: We have all the fencing equipment and will set up a ring where your guests can fence each other. Experts will be in hand to give a crash course.

Gladiator fights & Sword handling: We bring an assortment of swords so your guests can learn how to use anything from a Longsword to a Foil.  After that, your guests can select the weapons they want each “Gladiator” to fence with and cheer on their side!

Cutting Practice: With different kinds of sabres your guests get to practice cutting on watermelons. Ponchos provided!

Want more details? Email us the details for your Event.